Lost mobile

Graphics and features lack of punching.

We were not particularly impressed by the graphics. especially the dead eyes of Dr. Dakota Bones and his assistant Farooq. And they are the living creatures in the game, not the mother who is the treasure you are tracking. Farooq is also, it must be said, extremely clear skin for someone who is supposed to be … Egyptian? Middle East?

Apart from cultural offenses, all graphics have a blurred appearance, which makes the subject difficult to appreciate. Add to that that none of the characteristics of the slot bonus seems to win more than 10 to 20 times your bet and you will soon feel that you are playing for the fun of shooting.
Coil rolls do not save the day.

A characteristic to take into account is the bonus of the rotation of the rollers with the increasing multiplier (more details in the characteristics panel below). You thought that this round of bonuses would be mainly for the show, but we reached the 5x multiplier several times, consecutively, with good results. It is not a free spin, it is only the turn of the center that turns, but we managed to bet 60 times our bet in this small function, so we managed to win when we finally left this machine. mobile slot.

However, this low variation location is a one-turn pony and the click functions hardly make me mention for the lack of hits. Even the rotation of the central plant keeps most of its bank balance stable.

At best, this mobile slot machine game will keep you moving, winning little but not losing much, hoping to find the right combination for that 5x multiplier. If you get 30% more than your initial budget, consider yourself a winner and get away, there is not much more hidden in these dessert dunes.

Bonus at stake

Extended reel center: if the Ah-Amded baton of the mummy comes on reel three, it will extend to the full reel and act like a savage with a 2x multiplier. Practice because it is the reel that turns.

Monkey Click Me: also known as the total loss of a function. If the symbols of the monkeys appear on reel four, you will have the option of 6 squares. This feature is common, but 90% of the time, we just stay with 2x to 4x our bet.

Spin without a central roller: in each winning combination, the central roller rotates for free and obtains a multiplier of 1x, 2x, 3x and 5x. The 5x version is not as hard to think as you thought and we were lucky to use this feature to record Lost as a mobile slot machine. In fact, we hit the 5 times several times, since the reel will continue to spin again while winning a victory.

It’s not exactly a feature of free spins, but it’s good enough that the lack of free spins does not feel as bad as you might think.

Bonus part Mummy: you will need four red eye symbols on reels 1, 2, 4 and 5 to activate this function. Guess how often does this happen? Not often. This lost tomb surely has the correct name.

Here, you will enter the mother’s grave by clicking through the doors to go to the treasure. Every good proposal gives you an instant prize, but if you find a mother, that’s the end of the game.

Considering how difficult it is to obtain this bonus, you would think that you would start with more than 25 times your bet.

Slots Tips

A progressive jackpot means that the more you continue to play this game, the more the payoff accumulates. With eye popping and state of the art graphics, this game really does have it all. The best part is that it is all for free. There is no need to register to play, or even to download, simply choose the free casino play option and you are on your way to walking away with pockets of gold. If you are looking for a game that has it all, this is the one for you
End of Bonus

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