Increase your chances of winning with a casino free chips

A casino free chips gives you extra cash to play for or cash spins on slots. When you register as a new player in a casino online, you almost always have the opportunity to receive a welcome bonus, which usually consists of free spins, bonus money or a combination of the two. Here at GamblingBonusClub we have collected casino free chips for casinos online to increase your chances of picking up the big winnings! The Welcome Bonus is now the only bonus Swedish casinos licensed to distribute to their players.


The competition between betting, betting, betting and casino sites is huge online today. Therefore, it is super important that you differentiate, stand out, to be able to attract new players to your particular site. This is where casino free chips come in, as it is one of the most important factors that new players look for when choosing their arena to play. The bigger and more generous bonus you offer – the easier it is to attract new players. Of course, this is hugely advantageous for us who want to be able to play as much as possible but invest as little money as possible. With a huge casino free chips, you get a lot more money to play for than what you put into your own money.

Casino Bonus 2020 – Now you get more to play for

Casino Bonuses Make More Money This website is all about one thing – casino free chips. We have worked hard and long to identify and evaluate the best offers within bonus at Swedish casinos. All in order for you to have the absolute best gaming experience and the greatest chance of winning big money. Here at GamblingBonusClub we love casino, online games and adventure. Surely you have not missed the new trend of casino without registration that has taken the Swedish casino world by storm?

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We have sold and been selective in our selection process when we publish information about an online casino on our website – and here you will not find any unlicensed casinos where you risk being cheated in one way or another. Only safe, secure and well-proven online casinos have a place here. In addition, we have written a detailed review and descriptive text about every offer you can expect when you follow one of our links to one of the casinos. Our highly recommended casino with the best bonus right now is Big Player.


    A casino free chips can double or triple your bet amount and give you plenty of extra profit chances!


If you have visited a real casino – or for that matter an online casino such as Bethard – at one time and played on a slot machine or other kind of slot, you have probably experienced the feeling of making a profit and having a lot of money to play for. Euphoria spreads in the body and it is thought – like the triss advertising – that it is happening now. Moreover, the probability of winning big is higher when you can bet higher too. Exactly that feeling is to get a casino free chips and get more money to play for than what you have put in at the casino. So read through what different alternatives there are of bonuses at the Swedish casinos we listed on this page – and then start and collect your bonus!


Best deposit bonus

Which company then offers the best deposit bonus? Of course, that is a difficult question to answer. Each player’s preferences are different and depending on the type of game you like, there are different options to find. In order to answer the question of which of all the offers available, which is actually the best deposit bonus, we must combine factors such as percentage, deposit ceiling and turnover requirements. Since some bonus systems are tied to games with high odds, this also becomes a factor. A system may seem advantageous, but if you are limited to bets with high odds, your chance of winning is also reduced. There is an alternative that seems to raise the snag over competition.


We can also recommend our casino free chips page without deposit – where you can get absolutely free money right when you register with a casino.

What to look for?

How to find the best bonus It is easy to stare blindly at high percentages and promises of free money when looking for casino free chips, but bonus systems are almost always subject to various forms of claims for consideration or turnover of winnings. In order not to be disappointed or feel cheated, it is important that you as a customer take your own responsibility and make yourself aware of the requirements and obligations you expose yourself to in connection with bonus games. But, as I said, it’s not always as easy as it sounds.


For all types of offers, the casino must inform its customers about the terms and conditions, but that does not mean that they will boast the less flattering parts of the agreements. You can always find the information (or, you should ALWAYS find the information), but it is not uncommon for it to hide in the middle of a technically written text that is difficult to read and difficult to read. But, as long as the information is available, you as a customer do not have much to come by if you feel that you have agreed on something you cannot support.

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Tip: Keep an eye out for bonus offers that offer great matches from the casino side in combination with low wagering requirements.

Bonus codes & promotional codes

Get a bonus and increase your chance of winning Casino Bonus codes and promotional codes are a way to redeem their bonus which has decreased over the years. This has now been replaced by special bonus pages, bonus links or campaign links that automatically add the bonus to the player who clicked in through the link. This is the most common form of getting a welcome bonus today, especially if it concerns an extra good welcome bonus that was developed in collaboration between us at GamblingBonusClub and the casino in question. However, bonus codes have not completely played out their role as it is still used to a certain extent by a couple of casinos. So check out here with us before you make your deposit so you don’t miss out on an extra bonus, this applies to both new and old customers in casinos. An example of a popular search for the theme is “Maria Casino bonus code”.

How do casino free chips work?

Here’s how a casino free chips can work:


Click on the link to any of the selected casinos on this page.

Register an account.

Deposit any amount, for example USD 500.

Get $ 1000 in bonus.

Play for USD 1500!



So you get up to three times as much money as you put in to play for and thus the chances increased significantly for you to win big. In our opinion, however, it is not just the money that governs, as the experience and adventure of the modern online casinos we list on this site are so delicious.


The casino free chips and any requirements for it differ quite a lot from different casinos. Therefore, we have compiled tables so you can easily get an overview of the various bonus offers that the various online casinos have. Previously, the bonus was often associated with a deposit ladder, which means that you must make multiple deposits to take part in the total casino free chips on the casino. This is something that has disappeared in connection with the Swedish gaming license that only allows a bonus.

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Different types of bonuses

Although each casino offers its very own variant of bonus offers, it is usually all about the same type of offer, packaged in slightly different shells. The most popular forms of bonus system include:


Free spins – A limited number of free spins on eg. slot machines or roulette.

Registration Bonus – A one-time bonus that accrues to new players who open a new account.

Free Money – Some campaigns are easily designed. The casino deposits a certain amount into your account.

Deposit Bonus – Also called Match Bonus. The casino matches your deposit, up to a certain percentage, up to a certain amount.



Tip: To take advantage of a casino free chips, different casinos offer different options. The most common thing is that any bonus system automatically accrues to you as a customer. The alternative is that you select a bonus from a list and then enter a code to participate in the bonus system. The latter form may be preferred. If you choose which offers you want to take advantage of, it will be easier to keep track of any sales requirements. If you do not want to be subject to wagering requirements, you can simply ignore the bonuses that do not suit you.

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses, or matching bonuses, are used as incentives for players to deposit money into their account. The bonus varies in size but can in some cases generate up to USD 20000 in bonus money. The bonus does not come in the form of pure “free money”, but you have to make a deposit of equity to take advantage of the bonus. If a casino offers 100% deposit bonus up to USD 2,500, it means that if you make a deposit of up to USD 2,500, the casino will match that deposit and fill your account with an additional USD 2,500.




200% match up to USD 500 in connection with the first deposit.



A mix of spins and money


The most common is a mix of bonus money and free spins


Free Spins

Free Spins in Victorious Slot Free spins are one of the most common, if not the most common, form of bonuses awarded. That’s exactly what it sounds like – free spins, or free spins as it’s also called, in a selected or optional slot machine. These free spins are often distributed in pots of 10-100 pieces and in connection with registration or first deposit. As a new player, you can sometimes get free spins without deposit as part of a welcome bonus when you sign up as a customer. When you play on a slot with free spins they always have a predetermined value, so you cannot increase or decrease your bet when playing with free spins. To be able to withdraw money that you won with free spins, you usually need to convert the total value of the free spins you have received from the casino a certain number of times. This is always in the terms of the bonus and is called a wagering requirement there. Normal wagering requirements for free spins are between 30-35 times the money, but it is not uncommon for free spins to be distributed without a requirement for neither deposit nor turnover.



However, there is a crux with the bonus of all casinos (a fine print, if you will) which is that you must wager your deposit plus the bonus a number of times before you can make your first withdrawal – which is called the wagering requirement. Usually you have to wager the sum of the online casino between 30-35 times before you can withdraw the money. So you cannot deposit USD 500, get USD 1500 and withdraw the money directly – but you have to play a good while to meet the turnover requirement. But don’t let this factor deter you, as there is a much greater chance of winning money with a larger entry fee and if you win big it is easy to come up with the wagering requirement!


A wagering requirement is an agreement the casino adds to its bonus system. Since many casinos offer “free money”, “gifts” or matching bonuses, they usually all paint up the offer as a pure service to the customer. “We are a super nice company that, although we will probably only lose a lot of money on this, just wish you well and offer you as a new customer USD 1,000 to play for”. They could have written: “Receive our bonus and limit yourself to our casino for a long time to come before you have the opportunity to withdraw any profits”. It doesn’t sound as good! However, the second description of the bonus may be as true as the first.


When a casino offers a bonus, money generated from that bonus is subject to wagering requirements. If a casino offered all of its customers $ 200 to play for, without any wagering requirements, you and I could log in to the casino’s page, start a new account, get $ 200, withdraw the money and close the account. If all Sweden’s ten million inhabitants did the same, the casino would suffer a crushing loss of USD 2 billion, hence the demand for turnover.


Before you can withdraw any winnings generated with bonus money, you must wager the money a certain number of times. Thus, if you get $ 100 from a casino with a wagering requirement of 60x the money, you have to play for a total of $ 100x before any profit can be picked out. It is very unusual for bonuses to be offered without a requirement for turnover, but it happens. The requirement can vary between 5x or up to 60x.

Thank you for the casino free chips

It is, believe it or not, not always that you want a casino free chips. If you only want to play for a short while and at the same time be able to withdraw any winnings at any time, you should consider whether the casino free chips is something you might skip, at least for the moment. Since bonuses at casinos mostly, but not always, result in a wagering requirement on the bonus before you can withdraw winnings, it can sometimes take a while to play through the entire wagering requirement for the casino free chips. A regular wagering requirement is around 30 times the value of the bonus. This means that if you get USD 100 in bonus, you must wager USD 3000 in the casino before you can withdraw any winnings you have won through your bonus. This sounds worse than it is because you can quickly turn a lot of money into slots if you play with slightly higher stakes.


A bit more in-depth information about casino free chips

Most casinos offer a bonus at the first deposit and as a player it is a very good idea to take advantage of this as it gives you a chance to play for free. But how does the casino free chips work? A casino free chips can look a little different depending on what kind of bonus it is and what casino it is that offers it. For example, it is common to receive a so-called welcome bonus when registering on a casino site. This type of bonus is usually obtained in the form of a matching bonus or as a free spin, or as a combination of both. This guide will work out some of the concepts and give you tips on how to make the best use of bonus offers.


Live casino games can also provide bonuses


You can also get a bonus for playing live casino


matching Bonus

A matching bonus offered to players who register for the first time at a new casino means that the first deposit is matched by the casino. The size of the match depends entirely on which casino you play, as there are no common industry rules. It is quite common to see matching bonuses of 100-200%, but every now and then you can find even bigger matches. Most casinos also usually set a maximum and minimum amount that applies when matching. If the maximum amount is USD 1000, then it is only up to the amount that the match is offered. As with the minimum amount, it is at USD 100, it is the lowest amount you can bet to get the match bonus.


If you set the maximum amount of USD 1000 and the match is 100%, then you get a total of 2000 USD to play for. Since this type of welcome bonus is one of the most generous bonuses that are usually offered as a casino player, it is recommended that you make full use of it by betting the maximum amount. You can win just as often and as much when playing with your bonus as when playing with your real money. Just keep in mind that there is usually a requirement for turnover that you must meet before you can withdraw any profits.


Free Spins / Free Spins

Free spins are also called free spins and free rounds. This type of bonus is also common to receive as part of a welcome bonus when registering.


Free spins as part of the Welcome Bonus


Free Spins are often included as part of the Welcome Bonus


Free Spins means you get to play some rounds for free. You have exactly the same chances of winning as if you played with regular rounds and the rounds also look the same as regular rounds. In slot machines it is usually quite clear when you play with your free rounds and when you play with real money and it is possible to switch between the different game modes. So if you have 20 free spins you can choose when you want to use them, they do not need to access automatically. If you win when you play free rounds, just as with the matching bonus, a wagering requirement applies before you can pick out your winnings.


Free Spins through games

Free spins are also available in certain slot machines by unlocking them with various special features. The Scatter symbol is one that often unlocks free spins and other bonuses. Here it is possible to get profits completely without demands for turnover. Look for slots with this feature if you want to try out free spins this way.


Free Spins through Scatter Symbols


When you activate bonus mode & get free spins in a slot machine



It is important to understand exactly what a wagering requirement is before you start playing with your bonus. A wagering requirement is a requirement that most casinos have when it comes to bonus games. What this means is that you have to turn your bonus into real money a certain number of times before you can withdraw your winnings.


Wagering requirements at match bonus

You have received USD 1000 in the matching bonus and during the time you have played for it you have won. Your casino requires you to bet 35 times before you can withdraw the winnings, which means you have to count according to the formula: 1000 x 35 = 35 000 USD. You must therefore bet for 35,000 USD before you can pick out your winnings. How many times you have to bet depends entirely on your casino. As a new player, it is thus very advantageous for you if you choose to play at a casino that has lower wagering requirements, as it simply becomes cheaper for you to pick out winnings.


Free Spins wagering requirements

When it comes to free spins, the wagering requirement really looks the same, but you have to multiply your free spins instead of the sum. If you have received 25 free spins and the wagering requirement is 35, you must count as follows: 25 x 35 = 875. You must therefore spin the slot machine 875 times for your real money before you can pick out any winnings that have been won during the free spin. To find out how much it costs you, simply multiply the cost of a spin by the amount you got, in this case 875. Costing a spin 10 USD thus becomes the formula: 875 x 10 = 8750 USD.


Why are there sales requirements?

Of course it would have been better for all players if there was no wagering requirement and we could simply pick out our winnings in the usual way. Unfortunately, it is very unusual to get a bonus that is completely without wagering requirements. A casino gives this type of bonus to attract new customers, but also to make them stay. The player is allowed to play for free, but a casino cannot give away money completely without consideration, which is why the wagering requirement exists. It simply makes sure that the casino does not go back on business.


Own deposit

In addition to finding out what the wagering requirement is at your casino, you should also review whether it is your own deposit or just the bonus. If the claim also applies to your own deposit, in the case of matching bonus, it will be twice as much as you have to play for. Instead, the formula will be: 2000 x 35 = 70,000 USD. Of course, it is better that you play at the casinos that do not require a turnover for your own deposit but only for the bonus.


Entry Requirements

This is especially true of the welcome bonus. Most casinos offer a matching bonus or free spins once you make your first deposit, but there are occasional offers where you get bonuses without having put in your own money first. If you find such a bonus it is recommended that you use it, as it is an excellent chance to try out different slot machines for free. However, the turnover requirement is usually not possible.


When you get a bonus

For new players, what is said is welcome bonuses that tend to be the most generous, as casinos want to attract new players through them. Therefore, if you are a new player, you should be a little picky when choosing which casino you register with, as this is a good chance to get a really good start in the casino world. Don’t forget to review the rules that apply to the casino that you are interested in playing according to the tips in this guide.


To think of

To take advantage of your bonus, it is important that you follow the rules that your casino has set. For example, you may only be allowed to play with your bonus on a particular type of slot machine. Slot machines with progressive jackpots, for example, are usually prohibited from playing with bonuses. If you do not follow this, you can be suspended from your casino. The same is true if you try to withdraw your winnings without meeting the turnover requirement. Therefore, follow a good game label and review what rules your casino has set before you start playing for your bonus. If you are two in the household playing, you should also remember that a bonus offer often only applies once per IP address.



In summary, we can thus conclude that a deposit bonus with a low turnover requirement is preferable to high percentages. A high percentage may seem attractive, but it does mean that you have to spend money to get money. Bonuses always come with rules and agreements that are not always advertised on the front page. Sometimes you have to dig well before you find what you really accept when you take part in a bonus system. Therefore, always check the wagering requirement before you take part and start playing with a bonus so as not to risk being disappointed in a win.

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End of Bonus

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